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Useful Hints & Tips

 Using your Electronic Cigarette for the First Time

 To help you get started with your new electronic cigarette kit, here are some tips to using it for the first time:

 Please fully Read the User Manual that accompanied your new kit. Even if you have used another type of device, instructions to its use can vary between devices.

Charging the batteries

·                     Ensure you have connected the battery charger into the mains socket and the indicator light shows green.

·                     Carefully screw a battery into charger, observing that the battery tip flashes several times, to ensure it is connected to the charger. When connected the charger indicator light will show "Red" (Charging the battery).

When charging is complete the indicator light will turn "Green" (Battery is charged and ready for use).

·                     Before going to bed at night disconnect the battery from the atomizer, batteries can drain overnight since they are on standby mode when screwed to the atomizer and not in use.

Preparing your Atomizer

·                     When you receive your kit for the first time, the cartridge attached to the atomizer contains no E-liquid, please remove this cartridge and dispose or save for later fill-up.

·                     Attach a fresh cartridge from the cartridge box to the atomizer, be sure to remove all protective covers and seals to the cartridge (to stop the cartridge leaking during transit). You might need to stand the atomizer on its base for several minutes to allow the Atomizer to absorb the E-Liquid in the cartridge.

Using the device

·                     When the battery is fully charged attach it to the atomizer then fit it with a fresh or freshly filled cartridge.

·                     Inhale gently from the cartridge observing the battery indicator glowing, and ensuring the air-intake hole is not covered by your fingers, in short 2 second inhales, 3 to 4 times, to allow the atomizer to build up the vapor. Once the vapor has built up, continue to use the device like a cigarette, inhaling and exhaling the vapor.

Care and Maintenance of your Electronic Cigarette

Length of Cartridge life:

·                     This will depend slightly on what type of smoker you are – heavy or light. The manufacturers state that one cartridge is equivalent to 20 cigarettes, but our customers have found that one cartridge is roughly equivalent to 10-20 cigarettes.

Cleaning your Atomizer:

·                     Blow through the small hole (i.e the battery end, as this will blow out any debris), do this last thing at night, and the atomizer will be clean and ready for use the next day. Don’t forget to blow through the small side-hole in the atomizer.

·                     If  E-Liquid has dried onto the atomizer and/or the battery connectors (the gold/brass area's), using a cotton swap (q-tip or piece of paper towel) gently clean off the dried liquid. This will ensure good electronic connectivity between the battery and the atomizer.

How often to Charge your Battery:

·                     When you first receive your kit, your batteries may only be partly charged and may only need to charged for a few hours, not the full 8 hours that the manual states. Once you are using your Electronic Cigarette, have one battery on charge while you are using the other, and you may find that in use, one battery will last 3 – 4 hours before needing to be re-charged unless you vape like a maniac (me), then charge 3 batteries and use the USB pass-thru while waiting for charges.

Troubleshooting: Why is my Electronic Cigarette not working?

First check that the cartridge has not dried up. Change or refill your cartridge.

When the smoke begins to diminish try flicking it down, towards the end, like you would a thermometer.

·                     Check that the battery is fully charged, if needed try a newly charged battery

·                     If there is still no smoke, it may be that the atomizer needs to be replaced.

·                     Try not to drop, bash or sit on your Electronic Cigarette as this will damage the component
parts. Protective cases are available via your retailer or the website.

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